This site highlights research into digital infrastructure innovation at The London School of Economics and Political Science, Department of Management, The Information Systems and Innovation Group.

Digitalisation and the rise of global platforms for both content and code has demonstrated the disruptive forces of digitalisation. It also shows the importance of understanding both digital infrastructure and -platform innovation.

The publications page highlights some of our academic writings on digital infrastructure innovation. The remaining pages feature a series of videos on the subject, covering subjects, such as; digitalisation, platforms, control, generativity, curation, protagonists vs antagonists, strategies for resolving platform paradox, the right to play platform owner, platform enablers, and marsupial platforms.

The research is was initially sponsored by the EPSRC and Mobile VCE through The Flexible Networks Programme and The User Interactions for Break-Through Services Programme. Subsequently, we have secured funding by Telenor Research through a joint project with the two departments IFI and TIK at University of Oslo.

The primary participants in this research are currently (in alphabetical order): Ben Eaton, Dr Silvia Elaluf-Calderwood, Olai-Bendikt Erdal, Professor Magnus Guldbrandsen, Hanne-Stine Hallingby, Professor Ole Hanseth, Gjermund Hartviksen, Dr Jan Herzhoff, Professor Kalle Lyytinen, Dr Jarle Moss Hildrum, Dr Carsten Sørensen, Dr David Tilson, and Professor Youngjin Yoo.

Within LSE’s Department of Management, the following academics also research digital infrastructure innovation: Professor Jannis Kallinikos (informatiomn growth), Dr Jonathan Liebenau (telecommunications policy), Dr Will Venters (utility computing, Dr Edgar Whitley (identity management), and Professor Leslie Willcocks (cloud computing and global sourcing).

Other resources for related research within LSE are: mobility@lse,, TIGAIR, utility computing, and outsourcing unit. Also, follow the Facebook pages for our new MSc degree MISI, the ISIG Twitter Feed,

Welcome to the world of digital distruption